Unwanted brass???

October 21, 2020

Unwanted brass???

Unwanted brass???


Most people don't really understand what "brassy" color is, why it happens and how to fix it. In simple terms, it’s a look that means the hair is an unflattering yellow/orange (not to be confused with strawberry blonde!)


This can be caused by several things, here’s a few to consider...


  1. 1. The hair was not lifted light enough during the lightening process. This happens more often with natural darker tones as the hair has to go through more warm stages to reach a lighter color.


  1. The hair was not toned properly. If you are the correct lightness, but the wrong color tone, it may be that the wrong color was used or was processed incorrectly.


  1. The hair has faded. This can be more prominent because of issues with 1 and 2, but sometimes its just a case of being out in the sun alot or using shampoos that strip your color revealing unwanted tones.


  1. Your water quality. If your water, whether well water or even unbalanced city water, contains excess minerals, it can greatly affect your hair. You can experience the color being stripped and dried out, or mineral deposits on the hair causing it to appear brassy and darker.


No matter what your issue we can help!!


Our team of color specialists are trained not only to do amazing color, but to walk you through a thorough consultation and a solid plan to help you correct any issues you have and achieve your hair goals!