Welcome to the Family!

March 08, 2023

Welcome to the Family!

We had a new client come in today and that’s a really exciting time for us!  I’m not sure she knows yet that the sky is the limit with her hair now that she’s chosen us to go on her hair journey with her.  

It can feel intimidating and even make some folks nervous to go to a new hair salon but you can honestly feel safe and heard in this space.  When you meet our team, who are SO passionate about what we do and helping you to feel your most beautiful, you’ll feel a change in the (h)air.  Like what I did there??  ;)

We are here to share our education, hear you out and ultimately help you to fall and stay in love with your hair.  I was searching for a picture to add to this post that said “New Client” but as you can see, after thinking about the experience we offer, I changed my mind.  Welcome to the Family!

Angel Jones
Business Manager