Tools of the Trade

July 05, 2021

Tools of the Trade

Let’s talk about styling tools.  Ever wonder how we can get your hair so smooth without a flat iron?  It’s all in the round brush.  We use ceramic brushes that heat up when you use it with a blow dryer that helps to dry, smooth and straighten your hair when used with the proper products and with good tension.  Even though a round brush isn’t technically a “hot tool”, it still generates heat and still calls for heat protectant and caution.  Be delicate with finer hair, or hair that is more compromised as it can burn more easily. 

When it comes to flat irons or curling irons, we look for ones with ceramic plates or barrels. Ceramic keeps the heat more consistent through the plates or barrel, which helps distribute the heat evenly throughout your hair.  We carry Sam Villa blow dryers in the salon, they are very lightweight, powerful, and are very good quality.  They have concentrator nozzles which helps direct the airflow so while you’re drying your hair you can keep the direction of your strands going down on your brush to help combat frizz.  We also carry Sam Villa flatirons, texture irons, double wavers and hot brushes.  We love using the Bio Ionic long barrel curling irons and have found those to be amazing on everyone, including clients with long extensions.  


Here’s to YOUR great hair day!

Bekah Brown, Operations Manager