T is for toner...

April 15, 2021

T is for toner...

So, what exactly is a toner? A toner is something we put on your hair after we highlight it to cancel out any unwanted tones that happen naturally when you lift color out of the hair, and to get the final result you're looking for with your color. We also use it to refresh faded color, or to change the color on your ends.

Toners are translucent and do not provide gray coverage, though they can help camouflage a little bit. Toners are sometimes called a “glaze” or a “gloss” but it’s still the same thing. They can be customizable for us to mix the perfect shade for your desired look, or they also have clear toners that help deliver shine if you don’t need a color change.

Not only do toners help with the visual aspect of your color, they also help to seal the cuticle of your hair down to lock in the color and deliver some light conditioning as well.  A toner is something we do with every highlight service and most all of our color services. Toners, just like all hair color, fade over time so it’s necessary to get them refreshed every 6-8 weeks. 

Here’s to YOUR great hair day!

Bekah Brown/Operations Manager