Life changing hair

October 21, 2020

Life changing hair

I get it many people think getting hair extensions is so extra, it's so expensive, why would you do that...

But let me tell you what I've learned over the past year...

  1. I've never done anything more rewarding behind the chair than doing NBR extensions
  2. I've never seen a woman's confidence and self esteem more transformed in my chair than with NBR
  3. I've never had more tears and thankfulness in my chair than when doing NBR
  4. I've never been able to seriously help my clients more than with NBR.

Yes, we see all the beautiful model-like and mermaid hair when we see extensions. And it's great to see the before and after transformations. But what you don’t see is the change inside. What you don’t hear is the story of dozens of women I work with who aren’t just looking to get extensions for show. They are looking for confidence, security, self-worth that so many situations, hormones, disorders and just life has taken away.
"Invest in your hair, it's the crown you never take off"

Taking care of your hair and your appearance is not just about vanity. Being confident and comfortable when we look in the mirror can literally transform our day and change our life. It takes away the worry and self consciousness to focus on other things and people in our lives. It gives us confidence to step out and show what's on the inside because we aren’t so worried about what people might see lacking on the outside.
A friend/client once asked me, "How do you reconcile the vanity of your profession with the humility of your faith?"

Wow...that one really caught me. I thanked her for the challenge and went home to really figure that out. Seriously, how do I as a person of faith who traditionally should think about how we shouldn't worry about our looks, get caught up in being so vain about our appearance?

I really want to be able to share my faith, love and grace with the people around me personally and professionally, so I sat down, meditated and prayed, and here's what happened...

Our salon mission statement was born.

We believe that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, set apart and unique, each with our own style, personalities, gifts and abilities. We believe that true beauty comes from within and that we have the privilege of helping that beauty shine through to thr outside. Our hope is that we encourage and equip you look and feel your best and that you would be...inside and out...

Everyday Fabulous!

Yes...extensions and our other beauty services are changing lives everyday....and I'm so blessed to be apart of so many amazing womens lives.