It's SO much more than your cut and color...

April 08, 2021

It's SO much more than your cut and color...

Yes, yes, yes, to everything about this transformation!

As a salon, we not only strive to give you what you ask for, we want to give you what you need!

This guest wanted a color refresh, but what she needed was life and nourishment! 

We extensively train in color knowledge, technique, placement and science. This knowledge isn't any good without HEALTHY hair and that comes in major part to the treatments we require, YES REQUIRE.

I know some salons give treatments as an option. They can be pricey and I understand the possible dilemma of charging $15-$50 more on top of color but what good is the color, if your hair isn't healthy?

Shine, resilience, strength, elasticity, frizz control, hydration, volume...those are some of the many issues we address when doing color. Our Oribe Renewal Remedies provide a luxurious, holistic approach while Kerastase Fusio Dose has over 30 combinations to meet your hairs' specific needs. 

We aren't just interested in giving you the cut and color you desire. We want you to have shiny, healthy and amazingly manageable hair everyday and these treatments do not disappoint!

Give us a call to book your treatment and blowout or ask your stylist about adding it to your service!  Both treatments available in our area ONLY at the Salon of Florence!


Well see you soon!

Ah-mazing transformation by : @dianna_zorn

Barbi Lee - Owner/Lead Stylist