How do you wash your hair?

December 11, 2020

How do you wash your hair?

I always suggest shampooing your hair two to three times.  Either once with a clarifier and then your regular shampoo, or all with your regular.  When you shampoo your hair the first time it doesn’t always lather up because it's trying to bust through product and oil in your hair.  That’s totally fine, keep working that product all the way through your scalp and ends.  Rinse your hair well and then add a little more shampoo and scrub away.  This time you should get a good lather and it will remove any residual oil and product.  Shampoo one more time, if needed.  Condition your hair just on the midshaft to your ends because putting conditioner on your scalp has the tendency to weigh your hair down and make it feel dirtier faster.  Rinse and style just like normal.  If you’re using salon-bought shampoo, you should only be using a dime to nickel size amount of shampoo the first time, and less the second time.  Put the shampoo in your hand and hit it with water and lather it up really well in your hands before you put it in your hair and the same with your conditioner.

Most salon products are concentrated and don’t have any added water which helps you get away with using less, and your bottle lasting longer.  To put it into perspective, I bought one bottle of Oribe shampoo (disclaimer: I use 3 different shampoos each time I wash) on 7/11/2019, I use it 2 times a week and finished my bottle on 4/13/2020. That’s 41 weeks, at 2 times a week to equal 82 washes. If you only use a single bottle of shampoo, using it twice each wash at 2 times a week. That’s still 40+ washes.

Investing in quality shampoo is the key to healthy hair, and maximum color retention. Take the time to talk with your stylist to figure out what shampoo is best for your hair type or texture. There are so many different kinds to choose from, and it can get a little overwhelming.  Always be open about your concerns, whether it be color retention, moisture, protein, dandruff, volume or shine.  We have something for everyone!  Whatever you do, avoid grocery/drugstore products.  Most of those products are either expired, diluted, full of chemicals or wax. They're not good for your color or your hair even if you find professional products.  I went to a local grocery store and found a Redken product on the shelf that was discontinued 5 years previous.  I recommend always buying from your salon.  Not only can you trust the product and the recommendation, you’re supporting your local community! 

Here’s to YOUR great hair day!

Bekah Brown, Operations Manager 

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