Hey Beauty! Let’s Talk Business -2-

March 03, 2021

Hey Beauty!  Let’s Talk Business -2-

I was thinking today about a few of the questions we’ve gotten from clients over the years and how that may be helpful to new or existing clients for us to cover them in one spot.

  • How much will my service be?

While we have a price list that we can use to give you a rough estimate of the cost of your visit you would actually need to schedule a consultation with one of our stylists before we could give you an actual quote.  One issue is that when we’re booking by phone we aren’t looking at you so therefore we don’t know exactly what you’ll need to achieve the look you’re going for or what condition your hair is currently in.  Another thing to consider is that not everyone’s hair lifts the same during the lightening process and this fact alone could result in multiple visits for your desired look. 

  • Why aren’t you open on the weekends I work during the week?

We were open on Saturdays for many years but realized that folks from Florence like to travel when possible which left us with empty chairs on the weekend.  We feel it’s our proximity to the beach that made Saturdays not as profitable for us. 

We do however have stylists that work until 8:30pm so make sure to snag one of our coveted evening spots and that may be your answer.

  •  If I decide to try another stylist won’t my stylists’ feelings be hurt?

The short answer is No, absolutely not, we’re just glad to have you under our roof.

The long answer is this.  We’re not like most salons in that we’re commission based.  In a booth or chair rental situation it’s every stylist for themselves and we, along with our stylists, prefer a team atmosphere.  For our clients this means that if your stylist is booked up for the time or date that you need we welcome you to book with another stylist because for us it really is about making it as easy as possible for the client.  All of our girls train together and are subject to weekly education every Tuesday.  They learn together and are therefore perfectly comfortable working together in the same way.  We do our best to take notes on each individual client so that in the event you did end up on another stylists’ book she has the steps for your visit already laid out for her so that your experience is seamless.

I’ve even over the years had new clients who weren’t aware of our business structure see their stylist talking to another stylist about formulas or techniques and it worried the client that their stylist wasn’t as knowledgeable.  The truth of the matter is the type of training they submit to sets them up for success in sharing each other’s experiences behind the chair.  

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have in this forum or privately.  Please submit any questions you would like to see answered here to thesalonofflorencesc@gmail.com 

Angel Jones/Business  Manager