Haircuts to Grow

February 22, 2021

Haircuts to Grow

Did you know, if you want your hair to grow, you have to come in for regular haircuts? Sounds counterproductive, right? The reality is if you want to have long, healthy hair, you have to get rid of your dead ends!

Have you ever gotten a haircut and had to get a few inches taken off and when it was done it looked thicker and almost longer? Well this is because when you have dead ends, they tend to be very weak and will break when you brush and style your hair. So, when you cut them off, you're revealing stronger hair.

We typically recommend coming every 8-10 weeks for a trim to make sure your hair is at its healthiest. When you have split ends, the tendency if they go unchecked, will be that the split just keeps getting longer and longer, traveling up the hair shaft. You want to keep a regular appointment to make sure the splits are taken care of, before they get worse. 

The other key to growing long and healthy hair is using good, salon quality product. Talking to your stylist about product recommendations is always beneficial because it can be hard to self-diagnose hair needs. Having a good shampoo and conditioner help create a healthy scalp environment for hair growth and helps prevent build up on your hair. Using products when you're styling is important as well, even if you just air dry. A good benefit spray or detangler is a great base product to help even out your hairs porosity, but also can deliver heat protectant or protein as well.

Another key to growing your hair is to lay off heat styling, as much as you can. The less heat you put on your hair, the better. Obviously, that’s not always an option, but on days off it would be a good thing to try. If you have to heat style, ALWAYS use heat protectant before your blow dry on wet hair and again before you flat iron and curl it. Turn down the heat. You don’t need to have your irons on the hottest setting to get results. 

Here’s to YOUR great hair day!

Bekah Brown, Operations Manager