Guess What I Did Today?

November 11, 2021

Guess What I Did Today?

For those of you that know Ivy you know that she always has her hair on POINT!  She taught me a little trick that I finally tried this morning. 

I was in one of those “anything goes” moods getting ready this morning but thought about how fast her little hair trick was and had to try it myself.  I put my hair in a ponytail directly on top of my head, sectioned it into four pieces, sprayed each piece with heat protector, curled each of the four pieces individually, let them cool and then took my hair down.  No kidding, I had immediate texture in a good way!  These girls know what they’re talking about and I for one am down for some beauty advice. 

So give it a try and see what you think.  I know that for some, what I did today isn’t a big deal but for me to pull off any kind of beauty boost is a major news flash in my world. 


Angel Jones/Business Manager