Fine Hair? Oribe's Alchemy to the Rescue

March 26, 2022

Fine Hair?  Oribe's Alchemy to the Rescue

With the arrival of Oribe’s Alchemy line, we have a powerful tool for strengthening weak, fine hair. Alchemy specifically strengthens naturally weak hair by fortifying it from the inside out. For our fine hair babes, this is a great way to prep you hair for lightweight structure to help support your style.

Here’s my personal experience and review:

Even though I wear extensions, I have naturally fragile hair. Now that I’ve grown out my highlights, I don’t need the nourishment and repair that Gold Lust provides so I made the switch to Alchemy as soon as we got it. I’ve been obsessed with it ever since! I was worried that it wouldn’t be moisturizing enough for my extensions, but I was so impressed with the texture of my hair and the extensions after just one wash. The shampoo and conditioner feel very light, but provide a super nice detangling slip to the hair and feels moisturized but not heavy at all. Light and lifted would be how I could describe it best. My blowouts last longer without having to use dry shampoo and it has more shine and less tangles. I also love the treatment! It feels very light in the hair and I love that it not only strengthens my hair, but it has 450 degree heat protection.

After using these products, I prep with Supershine Light mid to ends, Tres Set all over and Volumista in one inch sections through the top of my hair, I pin up the top of my hair and blow-dry everything underneath at least 90% dry. Then I’ll smooth the ends with a round brush to finish. Next, I’ll let down the top, holding the root tight in an upward position with my fingers or a Denman brush. Then I’ll blast high heat on the root till completely dry in that section. The tension and heat literally make the hair stand up, with a very light feel. I work through the top section drying all the roots and then finish with round brush to dry ends. Most days I follow with a heat styling product and curl for a look that lasts me for days!

My review?  5 Stars to the Alchemy Line!

Pro Tip : The treatment serum is also great for moisturizing and smoothing frizz on dry hair for a fluffier look if oil flattens your style!


Barbi Lee, Owner/Lead Stylist