Benefits of One Row of Extensions for Fine Hair

March 27, 2022

Benefits of One Row of Extensions for Fine Hair

Oh I’m the kind of girl that likes to be au natural so when we, the SALON of Florence, started doing clip-in extensions many years ago I was intrigued but knew it wasn’t for me.  Then over time, one of our stylists got extensions and I really couldn’t believe the change in her physically but also mentally.  As a matter of fact when she would walk into the salon her look had changed so much I felt like I was in the presence of a movie star.  It was her but enhanced.   If there’s anything a full, healthy head of hair screams it’s VITALITY! 

Over the years due to aging, hormones and stress, my hair started to thin.  I naturally have pretty thin hair anyway so losing hair was not an option for me.  I wore clip-ins for a few years and of course really enjoyed being able to try new hairstyles and to honestly just look better.  Our Owner, Barbi, dove head-first into some major education for Natural Beaded Rows which are extensions but sewn in.  Once again I thought they looked great but felt like that wasn’t really me…UNTIL I GOT THEM!

I only have one row of extensions and my hair is as long as the extensions so I didn’t get them for length but for volume.  See that’s the thing about extensions you don’t have to be prepared to take care of mermaid length hair to have them.  I mean you can, it’s definitely a beautiful option, but the thickness just one row of extensions adds is a game changer.  I’m talking a pony tail the size of a toddler to now I have the perfect pony that I like to whip around a little depending on my mood and the curls…OH the curls!

The other thing about the extensions is that I don’t feel them.  I’ve had them for at least 2yrs. now so I realize I’m used to them but after a while I honestly forgot I had them in. 

I’m not going to mention this to my stylist quite yet but in the future I may consider cutting my length a good bit because a shorter haircut on me before was one thing but now a shorter haircut that is also THICK is going to be fierce! 


Angel Jones
Business Manager